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Fireworks of matting Kung Fu article

Fireworks Matting is not very well have been, it is sometimes better to picture effect, have to ask Photoshop brothers to help, but the brother's physique is sturdy, PS, are used to FW This guy really could not handle. This does not, in order to better play their potential FW, specially went next door to see how other people PS matting brother is training. Read half a day to find a book called "My Pictures I call the shots - the matting papers (Matting method large aggregate)," the new material back, carefully read lot of money.

Method 1: Using the magic wand, lasso tool matting

This method is simple, just punches, kicks, like a fight martial arts will be able to make twice. Fireworks for stuff with friends should be more familiar with the matting on simple when we all used them.

1. The magic wand of the application:

Brief steps: (1) Select the magic wand tool; (2) Click on a blank area; (3) anti-election; (4) emergence; (5) post-processing;

2. Lasso application:

Since there is no magnetic lasso tool Fireworks only Lasso and multilateral as well as two constituencies box type lasso tool, so use it to matting very clumsy, there is that time is not as easy to use pen tool, so this tool is used to remove the picture more some unnecessary things, such as some of the more unexpected characters.

Brief steps:

Select the Lasso tool;

Hook to delete the region;

Adjust the contour areas;



Using the magic wand, lasso tool matting, the edge part of the effect is not very good, usually by reducing image size, masking, background, etc. to increase the appropriate post-processing method to the edge of grammaticalization.

Contour using the pen tool hook, then "the path into the marquee" is the FW and PS matting commonly used when making a method, and pen tools, it is the most basic things, like the martial arts in the horse step, as is compulsory.

Brief steps:

Select the Pen tool, set the line color, fill mode to transparent;

Hook contour line, and make minor adjustments;

Select the command "Edit - the path into the marquee", the edge is usually set to "anti-aliasing";

Using the pen tool hook profile, and then switch to select the matting method is relatively simple, with good results, but after the turn marquee when changes need to have to re-hook. Of course, before the transfer marquee can prepare a backup, but after all the trouble some, so "smart" Fireworker learned to "muddle."

Monte Edition matting not only modified at any time, and do not undermine the original image, the basic principles and Night clothes similar to some unseen black and white areas to see where the ashes are looming.

Brief steps:

Contour using the pen tool to hook;

The contour line is set to transparent, the fill set to white;

Select white graphics and base map, select the command "Edit - Mask - Combination to mask";

Detailed regulation and post-processing.

This "pen + Mask" Cutout way to meet most of the angular opponent, but when faced with changing roles of women feminine, especially with an opponent when the flowing hair, a bit insufficient.

Channel matting has been one of the PS of his secrets, FW lot less in this respect, but as so-called "people more bold, to the extent of production", as long as we go all out, we will be able to achieve Fireworks use access matting, The soul is the "way he also applied Bishen."

Detailed steps:

(1) copy the original image;

(2) The Levels filter channel to maintain a high contrast ratio;

a. Select Levels path;

b. Select the channel to be removed;

c. The maximum output gradation value is set to 0;

Choose to use the image above the green channel (channel contrast to the higher this figure), so the red and blue channels of the maximum output gradation value is set to 0.

(3) the use of filters form a grayscale color fill;

a. Select the color filling filter;

b. Fill color choose black, mixed-mode to "Saturation";

The picture for color fill effect after the map, the map and Intensity of PS in the green channel similar to the future, when we simulate PS channel can be used in the above two filters.

(4) the use of contrast enhancement filter curve;

(5) the use of Levels filter enhanced the contrast is adjusted using the slider at the bottom, "Input Levels", the maximum value;

(6) using the Pen tool within the outline of the Application List, select the internal profile and the map, use the "Edit - Graphic of the selected" order form bitmap;

(7) The use of reverse filters are used to mask bitmap, and a "plane of the selected" operation;

(8) Select the bitmap for the mask and the base map, select "Edit - Mask - Combination to mask" command to mask operation;

(9) Add the background, the formation of the final renderings.

Through the above operations on a beautiful flowing hair, stand out and acquire it after this method has been re-understanding of the Fireworks, whether there is a Zhangjian impulse to survive? If you have this plan, you do not worry here There are a hidden weapon to you, to back emergency needs.

Method 5: Using Knockout plug-in filter matting:

Knockout filters filter out sensory and PS, were similar, so you and PS heroes when PK is also occasionally used not not elegantly. The hidden weapon generally have the official version and cottage Edition (euphemistically called green version), with the official version is usually to the weapons shop to buy

If you just want to know the function with the simple version with the cottage is also not a bad idea.

Installation Method: filter folder containing the installation path into Fireworks Plug-Ins directory under the decentralization, such as "C: Program FilesMacromediaFireworks 8Plug-Ins"

Brief steps:

Select "Filter - knockout2 - reflected in the working layer";

Hook within the object, that need to keep within the region;

Hook an external object, that is, outside the need to retain the region;

Select background color, detail, and the implementation of the operation;

Select "File - Application" to create a transparent background image, to complete the work matting.

The picture above shows the basic use of the plug-in filter method, only to illustrate the problem, so do not very detailed, forgive me.

As a Fireworks user, if skillfully used the five methods of matting, so I believe enough to meet most of the invading enemy, but then it could experience a gourmet, or detour, or only PS can be pushed to the brother of the.

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