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Import of the IPTV how to do?

IPTV has become a considerable potential for operators in the eyes of "killer application", but as a new business, the industry needs more of its exploration and research. IResearch data show that IPTV users in 2004 about 35 million; in 2005 about 1.7 million. These figures compared to China's consumer base is not huge. The reason is: IPTV is still in the "industrial import of" the existence of unknown factors such license, and at this stage only in the pilot cities to promote. However, after analysis: China's IPTV installation in 2008 will reach 16.5 million users, the market scale will reach 14.8 billion yuan.

Face in the import of the IPTV and its has the greater market potential, IPTV service operators, telecom operators, potential investors should seize the key industry chain development of the key factors affecting IPTV, to make more decisions in the market accurate judgments.

First, the user needs is a fundamental business design. The industry on a macro-industry chain has been a lot of discussion. But for users of research and analysis is also inadequate, as reflected in the depth of mining user needs is not enough, not enough depth stimulate user demand, how to improve the user for the IPTV functionality and value of the recognition level is not enough, how to cultivate habits of the user not enough.

Secondly, it should be in-depth analysis of the value of IPTV users. For Internet users, IPTV to enable them to enjoy the way information services "from sitting on the desk watching the computer" to "lay on the couch watching TV."

For more large-scale TV users, IPTV bring them is: can "see on television other than the removal of traditional TV content is more optional.

The third point is very important point: to grasp the attitude of consumers on IPTV. Currently, users of the IPTV functionality to improve user value, experience effects, such as payment of recognition is one of the priorities developed by the user. Business operators should take full advantage of the needs of consumers showed preferences for business design.

Import of the IPTV, business operators for the "user needs", "business users value", "consumer attitude" of these key points will take a profound impact on its "market opportunities" to grasp, but also indirectly determines the IPTV it can become the most potential "killer application."

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HR staged Star Wars

Talent Express market-driven

Information technology

The development of business cooperation with other employees and set up a possible career development channels in violation of the traditional human resource management, the traditional assumption that employees are the concept of subsidiary companies and private property. But this trend with the current labor market forces driven by the realities. Certainty one thing: As the new century, managers must face this challenge, which abandoned the old thinking, the use of new management ideas, of course, selling the enterprise to retain talents. That these difficulties will now begin to put into practice the company will be opportunities in the future competition.

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Why engage in career planning?

For every modern enterprise employees, whether older employees, or newly graduated students; both have advanced degrees, or just middle school, everyone looks to a successful career. As the saying goes, "motivated the heart in everyone", which is human nature. However, career success, not everyone can be fulfilled
The problem? How to do to make the success of the cause of it? Career Planning provides us with a path to success.

To talk about career planning, first of all we have to understand what is meant by life and professional career. In short, broadly speaking, career entails a person's life from beginning to end the whole experience. We said in the occupational career is more narrowly defined career (career) concept. At home, his career (career) is usually used to specifically refer to his career. United States, career management experts Super.DE (Sapper) that life is an individual's role in their lives the whole process of career development is people-centered.

So what is career planning? Career planning is the personal development and organizational development by combining objective and subjective career through factor analysis, summary and determination, to determine a person's goals and career objectives to achieve this cause, and arranged in advance career system process of career planning is also called career design, sub-personal career planning (design) and organizational career planning (design) aspects. In any society, any system, career design is more important, it is the people's career development, real power and accelerator. The essence is to pursue the best career path of development process.

Career Planning's role is to help you set clear goals and management, scientific methods, practical measures, to develop personal expertise to develop their potential and career development to overcome the ride, to avoid the pitfalls of life, and constantly modify the way forward Finally, access to career success.

The purpose of career design, not only help individuals in accordance with their terms of capital strength to find a job, meet and achieve personal goals, more importantly, help individuals to truly understand themselves, set their own career plans, planning the future, further detailed estimate Lord, customer requirements and internal and external environmental advantages and limitations of the "foreign intelligence value, quantity has power," the case, the design features that meet their reasonable and feasible career development.

Staff career development planning, business development strategy should be based on the full understanding of organizational vision, the personal development needs and organizational development planning combined with staff to determine realistic career goals.

Personal development is the enterprise development and social development, and that only people's initiative into full play, in the company to establish a people-oriented career development and management of target system, to help each employee achieve self-worth, through good staff development and career management and human resources to maximize business into human capital, enterprises can finally realize the vision of the future. Employee career planning and management of human resources strategy is the core of the company, to develop staff career planning as the company's strategic management of the enterprise should be an important part of the important tasks.

For the individual, its meaning can be summarized as follows:

First, the implementation of strategic initiatives, operating a bright future

Career design or planning, in a nutshell is to match talents with professional and re-planning process. Career itself is a dynamic process of change to continuous development. Career planning is not a policy response, but the future operation. Effective career planning, help to define future goals in life. What should a person's career direction which can be through the development of career planning clear up. "Objective reason useful is because it helps us just now and into the future." Only after clearly Di goal to motivate people to fight, and actively create Tiaojian to achieve its objectives in order to avoid floating around indiscriminately target, follow the crowd.

Second, take yourself to succeed

Career planning is based on human knowledge, but also solve the target problem, to solve these problems, and also grasp themselves. How a student into a smart employees, for us, there is still a long way to go. The brutal reality of competition and does not allow you to grow slowly, which requires each person not only to see themselves, but also see the front, quickly grow up. For young people, can be confusing, can be confused, but never allow myself to give up.

3, first give a high, after efforts will jump higher

Career planning, that is, each of us according to their actual working capacity and professional knowledge, generally a good design will be fighting for their own goals, that is their own way to go after. The road ahead, first give your set a suitable height, and then step by step through their own efforts towards that direction, until it reaches the set height and then set a new high, drifting high, the height of front is our future.

Fourth, there is no plan in life is doomed to failure

Aristotle once said: "Man is an animal looking for goals, he simply is whether the meaning of life is to find and pursue their goals." Not planning a career is doomed to failure.

From the business point of view,

Career management is human resources management is now the core of

Career planning is to meet the manpower needs, a means of retaining talent. Improve staff career planning can maximize the talent and potential employees, and improving economic efficiency. Handle employee career planning and business development relationships, employee personal goals and their overall objectives, help long-term development.

Career planning is to meet the manpower needs, a means to retain talent

We know that the brain drain there are three main reasons: First, compensation issues, low pay and harder to retain talent, which is an important brain drain because of one of the clouds; second to play to the problem, one person at a post If can not play, expertise can not use, do not worry about their work will sooner or later Liu Hao; Third, social roles, for a talent, despite higher treatment can also be a play, but If no appropriate position, psychology is uneven. Therefore, the size of people's ability to have a concept of identity is often considered titles, and ability level of a person the size of contributions reflect how much. If you can not measure the talents of any of its staff as a role, is difficult to retain talents.

Career planning can maximize the work to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, give full play to their talent and potential

We know the employees an important part of career planning is one of the individual analysis. By analyzing know themselves, understand themselves and their ability to estimate, evaluate their own intelligence; confirm their character, to judge their own emotions; make their own characteristics, have found their answer; clear understanding of their strengths, assess their own gaps. In order to develop themselves, change themselves, create their own design, beyond their own obstacles. Take themselves as their own success. So that their talents into full play, to have to adapt their development, so career planning can solve the "full potential" problem.

Through career planning, career development can choose for themselves to determine their interest and expertise to meet the career route. The right to set their own goals in life, the use of scientific methods, to take effective action to resolve the crisis of development in life and traps, so that their career development of successful, take on certain social roles, to achieve their ideals. Therefore, career planning can solve the "social role" of stability.

When a person can receive the appropriate play, and as a certain social role, and duties of his position has been enhanced, its treatment and compensation will surely increase. For example, as the department heads, production managers, project managers, department managers, engineers or senior engineers. Position to improve their treatment and compensation will surely increase. Therefore, the compensation problems will be solved, that is, "remuneration" has also been stable.

Thus, individuals have been fully mobilize the potential and ability into full play. Work actively, and talent retention, and more importantly, the same one, the role of different.

In summary, career planning is the personal development of employees and businesses an important way to retain talent and one of the means. Of course, career development and organizational development goals only consistent, consistent, can play its role, resulting in its effectiveness.

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Pause slideshow tips

In the slide show, if the intermission, or insert other topics, you can switch to a black screen or a slide
Screened black and white rather than to continue to broadcast at any time.

The specific method is pressed into black and white w, b into a black screen. We should continue to broadcast as long as you can press the space bar.

Expert Comment:
For more information on keyboard shortcuts, press F1 when you can play.

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Fireworks of matting Kung Fu article

Fireworks Matting is not very well have been, it is sometimes better to picture effect, have to ask Photoshop brothers to help, but the brother's physique is sturdy, PS, are used to FW This guy really could not handle. This does not, in order to better play their potential FW, specially went next door to see how other people PS matting brother is training. Read half a day to find a book called "My Pictures I call the shots - the matting papers (Matting method large aggregate)," the new material back, carefully read lot of money.

Method 1: Using the magic wand, lasso tool matting

This method is simple, just punches, kicks, like a fight martial arts will be able to make twice. Fireworks for stuff with friends should be more familiar with the matting on simple when we all used them.

1. The magic wand of the application:

Brief steps: (1) Select the magic wand tool; (2) Click on a blank area; (3) anti-election; (4) emergence; (5) post-processing;

2. Lasso application:

Since there is no magnetic lasso tool Fireworks only Lasso and multilateral as well as two constituencies box type lasso tool, so use it to matting very clumsy, there is that time is not as easy to use pen tool, so this tool is used to remove the picture more some unnecessary things, such as some of the more unexpected characters.

Brief steps:

Select the Lasso tool;

Hook to delete the region;

Adjust the contour areas;



Using the magic wand, lasso tool matting, the edge part of the effect is not very good, usually by reducing image size, masking, background, etc. to increase the appropriate post-processing method to the edge of grammaticalization.

Contour using the pen tool hook, then "the path into the marquee" is the FW and PS matting commonly used when making a method, and pen tools, it is the most basic things, like the martial arts in the horse step, as is compulsory.

Brief steps:

Select the Pen tool, set the line color, fill mode to transparent;

Hook contour line, and make minor adjustments;

Select the command "Edit - the path into the marquee", the edge is usually set to "anti-aliasing";

Using the pen tool hook profile, and then switch to select the matting method is relatively simple, with good results, but after the turn marquee when changes need to have to re-hook. Of course, before the transfer marquee can prepare a backup, but after all the trouble some, so "smart" Fireworker learned to "muddle."

Monte Edition matting not only modified at any time, and do not undermine the original image, the basic principles and Night clothes similar to some unseen black and white areas to see where the ashes are looming.

Brief steps:

Contour using the pen tool to hook;

The contour line is set to transparent, the fill set to white;

Select white graphics and base map, select the command "Edit - Mask - Combination to mask";

Detailed regulation and post-processing.

This "pen + Mask" Cutout way to meet most of the angular opponent, but when faced with changing roles of women feminine, especially with an opponent when the flowing hair, a bit insufficient.

Channel matting has been one of the PS of his secrets, FW lot less in this respect, but as so-called "people more bold, to the extent of production", as long as we go all out, we will be able to achieve Fireworks use access matting, The soul is the "way he also applied Bishen."

Detailed steps:

(1) copy the original image;

(2) The Levels filter channel to maintain a high contrast ratio;

a. Select Levels path;

b. Select the channel to be removed;

c. The maximum output gradation value is set to 0;

Choose to use the image above the green channel (channel contrast to the higher this figure), so the red and blue channels of the maximum output gradation value is set to 0.

(3) the use of filters form a grayscale color fill;

a. Select the color filling filter;

b. Fill color choose black, mixed-mode to "Saturation";

The picture for color fill effect after the map, the map and Intensity of PS in the green channel similar to the future, when we simulate PS channel can be used in the above two filters.

(4) the use of contrast enhancement filter curve;

(5) the use of Levels filter enhanced the contrast is adjusted using the slider at the bottom, "Input Levels", the maximum value;

(6) using the Pen tool within the outline of the Application List, select the internal profile and the map, use the "Edit - Graphic of the selected" order form bitmap;

(7) The use of reverse filters are used to mask bitmap, and a "plane of the selected" operation;

(8) Select the bitmap for the mask and the base map, select "Edit - Mask - Combination to mask" command to mask operation;

(9) Add the background, the formation of the final renderings.

Through the above operations on a beautiful flowing hair, stand out and acquire it after this method has been re-understanding of the Fireworks, whether there is a Zhangjian impulse to survive? If you have this plan, you do not worry here There are a hidden weapon to you, to back emergency needs.

Method 5: Using Knockout plug-in filter matting:

Knockout filters filter out sensory and PS, were similar, so you and PS heroes when PK is also occasionally used not not elegantly. The hidden weapon generally have the official version and cottage Edition (euphemistically called green version), with the official version is usually to the weapons shop to buy

If you just want to know the function with the simple version with the cottage is also not a bad idea.

Installation Method: filter folder containing the installation path into Fireworks Plug-Ins directory under the decentralization, such as "C: Program FilesMacromediaFireworks 8Plug-Ins"

Brief steps:

Select "Filter - knockout2 - reflected in the working layer";

Hook within the object, that need to keep within the region;

Hook an external object, that is, outside the need to retain the region;

Select background color, detail, and the implementation of the operation;

Select "File - Application" to create a transparent background image, to complete the work matting.

The picture above shows the basic use of the plug-in filter method, only to illustrate the problem, so do not very detailed, forgive me.

As a Fireworks user, if skillfully used the five methods of matting, so I believe enough to meet most of the invading enemy, but then it could experience a gourmet, or detour, or only PS can be pushed to the brother of the.

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FreeBSD Cultural whole Raiders

OpenBSD is a free, BSD, other derivatives, known as the world's most secure operating system. OpenBSD's home page (www. openbsd.org) reported that OpenBSD "in case of default installation of four years without a minor security flaw", it means that (in fact, everyone knows that) in the past four years, the OpenBSD version released was not a break from Internet attacks. (Of course, you can make any operating system - including OpenBSD - to become vulnerable, if you do not properly configure the server or run into the insecurity that led to the invaders software.) OpenBSD also fully integrated password security software ensure data security.

OpenBSD is not the most integrated functions on behalf of Unix components, nor is it to run the fastest. But in these areas, it is not too bad of. The operating system is small, but efficient, it's only 16MB of memory in the old 486 machine running well - and it is not such a hardware configuration running Windows 2000. Other operating systems do not have any right to create security issues OpenBSD's record of high reliability. Some of the remote root directory of the problem generally occurs every month, Microsoft's operating systems, such as Windows 2000. The recent release of a number of Linux Ramen worm has become a target for a class of virus.

The same as FreeBSD and NetBSD, OpenBSD and many application software support, it contains a number of free packages (www.openbsd.org / ports.html) custom version. It's software library is not FreeBSD's so great, but contains most of you want to install the Unix tools server or workstation. The x86 version of OpenBSD can run for FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris to create the program. OpenBSD supports 10 types of computer architecture - more than than the FreeBSD, NetBSD, but no more. Cheap Bytes OpenBSD itself or from where you can get OpenBSD CD-ROM. However, you do not get ISO mapping file, because the development team is more willing to approach the sale of CD as a support for their efforts. You can network to install the operating system, but the installer user interface so beautiful it is not FreeBSD. In the three free BSD, OpenBSD, and the development of the members at least on Unix novice, is the most difficult to learn. But if you really need a solid network firewall or server, then, OpenBSD is the right choice.

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Interview with Wang Xuan: Young people should look for fanatical pursuit of goals

"Chinese Youth" Interview with Wang Xuan: Young people look for goals, we must fanatical pursuit

Wang Xuan, Vice Chairman, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Third World Academy of Sciences, Beijing University Founder Holdings Limited's chief scientific adviser. As the inventor of Chinese laser typesetting system, he promoted the second revolution in printing technology in China, known as the "modern Bi Sheng"; as young people to mentor, he loved only care only, legendary. When I asked him: as a technology leader, your life goals? He said: fanatical pursuit, spotted the target, and never look back.

Live for others is the value of life
Reporter: March 2002, awarded in recognition of your country's highest award, Peking University, held a technology specifically for your awards ceremony. At the meeting, talk to you about your dream life in the 10; Next, they talk about your "good concept." It is your "good view" more people infected.

Wang Xuan: That one award, reminds me of when I was little. That year, I was 10 years old. Day, the teacher announced to carry out a selection of different activities with the past that they have to elect a moral good, we like the students, an overwhelming majority of the votes I received this honor. This honor is informal, I never told her father she has won this award. 50 years later, again in retrospect, realized that the honor of my life, how important. Experience tells me: a man wants to be successful, he must first be a good person. "Willing to benefit others instead of themselves," the vast majority of people, including myself, simply can not do. I agree with Mr. Ji on the "good" standard: to consider to consider themselves a little more than others is a good person. However, I think, this standard can be further reduced that to consider as many others and consider their own is good.

I often think that a person, a good man, he is living, if fighting for the interests of society, then, his life is interesting life. Einstein also said this is the case: people only lived for others, it is valuable. I agree with him. Whenever successful people, most have this quality. Their interest to the community, in order to live a valuable, always, feverishly to pursue.

Reporter: Since when you started this fanatical?

Wang Xuan: hardware and software from engaging in research projects from the development of laser photo-typesetting, the start of this pursuit. For laser typesetting, its value, its future and the possible impact of China's printing industry revolution that brought fundamental outlook, which I was captivated. Founder talk about today, people will say, "both names, but also beneficial." However, people do not understand how difficult that time! In a very long time, I have a kind of "upstream" feeling, I almost gave up all the holidays, a very tight physical and mental exhaustion, but also ordinary people would not enjoy the fun. For example, from 1987 to 1992, the Wherever he went, I first look at the streets of the newspaper and those who use our beautiful laser typesetting system exhaust layout, the fun is indescribable.

November 1990, I received the Tan Kah Kee Science Prize technology. Comrade Lee and Li together for us giving out awards. I asked Lee: Did you expect to receive the Nobel Prize? Lee said: "never thought." Even his colleagues with his mother that he could award, he thought it was nonsense. Winning the day, he is an academic report, he was an academic report, the news of his award-winning news broadcast. After completing the report, people have stepped forward to congratulate him, then he thought it was well reported for the sake of it.

I think, a successful scientist, his initial motivation is not what you want to grab a prize, or what kind of fame and wealth. The reason they feverishly to pursue, because the love and intent on exploring the unknown areas of the reason.

Reporter: For the Ming Heli, you have had such a description, you say: Ancient Chinese saying goes, sergeant forgot to name, fame completely forgotten; Sergeant Liming, the achievements of the names on their own stand up; Corporal stolen name , its impossible to steal other people's. You say you can not do Sergeant, because the point can not forget the name, but will not name to Independence-away theft.

Wang Xuan: I think I have now is not a out of society, from the enterprise, specializing in basic research scientists, and therefore can not be as indifferent to fame and fortune as Qian. That year, the British Queen to visit China, please Qian attended the banquet. Qian not. His reason was "not the way me and her people." My situation is different, my work with a business-related, business and out of a fellow, won a top award, the integrity of the enterprise is beneficial. Therefore, I can not forget the name as Mr Qian as the point.

A person should be self-confident and conceited, persistent but not rigid
Reporter: As the inventor of Chinese laser typesetting system, you push the second revolution in printing technology in China, known as the "modern Bi Sheng"; 10 years, you have been winning: UNESCO Science Prize, Tan technical sciences Awards, Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Progress Award, the Hong Kong Chiang Technology Achievement Award ... ... Science is the first productive force in this era, you become a perceived "knowledge hero." With your eyes, successful people should have what kind of literacy?

Wang Xuan: self-confident and conceited, persistent but not rigid. What is confidence? Believe in themselves. Looking back nearly 30 years of hard course, we always struggle with the difficulties for the development, use of words is a near escape. However, in 1995, Founder PC or established their own brand, set up its own advanced management system, and then after years of struggle, and eventually became the PC maker's second child. Why? Because we are confident. What is ego? Conceit is ignoring the reality that they can do anything. Attachment is a look for goals, to work tirelessly, enthusiastically to pursue, but not rigid, we must continue to develop to adapt to new changes. This again reminds me of the State Planning Commission in 1974, supported by a project. The project has a teacher is the technology leader, he has great determination to come up with the spirit of the Foolish Old Man said: I not done to my son, my son was not done to my grandchildren do. I have a thought: is over, so your son, grandson to do it as early as the demand for sub-world technological development, and is out of date, then the project died. So, to persistent, but not rigid.

A man of success, he still has the prowess of the insights and vision. In the scientific community, there was such a metaphor, so that the rabbit people, playing the rabbit people, people who pick up the rabbit. Indicate that the rabbit is the direction of the person who played the rabbit who is to carry out scientific and technological people who pick up the rabbit is to let technology in the market who can produce benefits. Therefore, a leader in scientific research positions, he should have such means the ability of rabbits and beat the rabbit.

A successful, he must have the ability to unite people
Q: Over the years, you've been stressed the unity and cooperation. You have said: China does not lack talented young people, but lack the spirit of unity and cooperation. You ask: Do the Chinese people by foreign employers only command? Can not command China, the Chinese people?

Wang Xuan: This is my question ten years ago. Now the situation has somewhat different. Ten years ago, the Chinese in the United States has used "under the Go" to describe the Japanese way of doing things, with "playing bridge" to describe the American style, with "mahjong" to describe some of the Chinese people Zuopai. "Go under" is the overall situation, to the overall interest and sacrifice the ultimate victory of the local pieces. Japanese companies or individuals often show solidarity outside the momentum, and even they are also looking for Japanese to travel overseas hotels to stay open, though sometimes more expensive, the traffic inconvenience. "Playing bridge" style is to work closely with each other for two other coalition, to fierce competition. "Mahjong" is alone, watching live at home, anti stay here at home, their own and can not, do not let other people and. This Zuopai obviously is not good, especially their own will not get results, do not let other people Success is seriously affected development.

Take this business of computer software design, the vast majority of good software is the outcome of collective creativity to make a creative contribution to the developer of the most important often is not just one, alone hardly high. The past 20 years, I have met many young people, academic or technical talented person is not uncommon, but full capacity or other quality of some of the weaknesses are more or less limited their development. Gorman and other famous psychologists pointed out the need to re-examine the traditional concept of IQ, because the decision whether a person will be successful in a number of factors, the intelligence is at best only 20%, while the remaining 80% of the factors, generous, self-confidence, determination and so can not be underestimated. Psychologists to the latter as "emotional business." They cite some examples, for example, they believe: the United States Bell Labs made remarkable achievements in many underlying causes, not in the laboratory scientists with high IQ, but the friendship between these first-rate scholar, a pleasant and effective cooperation, in other words, their "emotional business" more than ordinary people. We should promote team spirit, because, in today's technology, the good cooperation of scientists to gain a better chance of success.

Reporter: Speaking of teamwork, the psychologist Carl Jung lists a formula: I + We = Fully I, this is your's "good to see another team's base length is" some similarities.

Wang Xuan: yes ah. To explain this, I give you two examples. One is one of my students. We recognized his outstanding abilities, work quick and neat and reliable, but the "emotional business," poor, self-willed pride, and partner relationships often become a success. He later presided over a company to develop software, and when he found that the lower series of errors and pointed out that after the procedure, the lower to correct to point out his mistake, but deliberately creating another wrong. Why? Because of his poor relationship with colleagues reason. The software then quickly disappeared in the market.

Another example is one of my college classmates, grade point average, IQ is not prominent, but the "emotional business," well, he was generous, honest, treat people friendly. Freshman year, I slept in his upper berth, middle of the night to relieve himself a child I often stumbled step on his head, he always laugh. In the nuclear field, he struggled for more than 40 years, passing his sixtieth, and when on the Academy of Engineering.

Talked about team spirit, a person I respect most is the "two bombs founding father" Deng Jiaxian. Yang said in a memoir: "Deng Jiaxian is not one of the most compelling figure. And talk to him a few minutes to see that he is honest and pragmatic. He really frankly honest, never impressive. He did not narrow-minded children, life like the 'pure' character represents the word. people know he was not selfish, people absolutely believe him. "Deng Jiaxian I do not know, but I admire him. He's great is that: he not only talented, but also to make men more distinguished than his people to display their talents.

For young people to become this era of "knowledge heroes" to create conditions
Reporter: In 1993, you withdrew from the first line of research, this year you are 56 years of age. As a general concept, this is the prime of life. Why, you have decided to exit?

Wang Xuan: February 1993, I left the first line of the real design work, this year has been full years. While leaving the first line, but it has not been out of research. Let me make this choice is the Spring Festival in 1993 an incident. That year the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year the same as in previous years, I engaged in the design at home behind closed doors. Two weeks after the design is completed. Liu Zhihong Guowanchunjie happened to my students come back. He looked after me, said: "Wang, you design that does not work, IBM's PC, there is a bus line, you can detect the signal." Student's word, which means two weeks of my results become awkward design. He reminded, also reminds me of another thing two years ago, children as well as Liu Zhihong. In early 1991, the upcoming Founder 91 design, I suddenly found myself in dealing with graphics chip design that there are loopholes. Moment can not think of a solution, he gave the matter told the RIP group of three young men. Did not expect them to come up with countermeasures, because they did not participate in this chip design. But then a few days later, Liu Zhihong come up with a coup, avoided the mistakes.

These two things led me to seriously reflect on their own. Take me, I created two peaks in the hardware and software of 1964 (the year I am 27 years old) and the development of laser typesetting project in 1975 (the year I am 38 years old), that time I was a nobody. I often work in some of the surface will be better than I do "authority", but in fact little is known about the technical details of the person's interference. I own all these years, it seems to be a computer in the field of so-called "authority." But my mind clear: I see the technical information and documentation as more young people have been the first line of practice is not as young enriched. This emerging discipline in the computer field, if you do not grasp or are not familiar with important technical details are easy to commit "whim" wrong. I create the peak has passed. I should do what I can do now to help those who have talent, potential, not yet famous "little people", they need my support.

Reporter: Speaking of talented people. Thicket of your secretary, Ms. laugh when I walked in said to me: Wang Xuan, the teacher can talk about young people, on the talents of the thing, he will be very happy, because those are his "Baby" . Well, you talk about these "baby" it.

Wang Xuan: (laughs) Founder session per recruit staff, I asked the personnel department organize a roster, a time, I went to the departments where these people go and talk to them about their interests and expertise, and soon I will be able to name them one by one. I have a notebook, is designed to record conversations with employees, that is indeed one of my "baby."

I can tell you about our side is young. One is now a doctoral tutor of soup flag. That day, he accompanied the students to my house to consult something was I admitted him. Tom flag of good math, award-winning programming. Doing my graduate period, I found him particularly fascinated by technology, could not think of a question, would one want to think, until you find the answer; his programming and few mistakes. Now, who do technology-based, ZHOU Jin is responsible for market development of the eBook, plus the technical director of technology development is top-notch tension, this project is now doing very well. Computer software industry and other industries, the technical front-line people too bitter tired, but Tom thousand flag is 16 years. Such people, we should create better conditions for them.

Reporter: With talent, create the conditions for them, keep them, let them give full play to their own to show themselves, that is put before the side is an important issue.

Wang Xuan: yes ah. Some units have tried to dig our people, given the high salary than the Founder, but, they do not go. They think the side is such a team to better play their own.

Reporter: What should we, Founder With this attractive?

Wang Xuan: in order to create equality, harmony and good environment conducive to their development. Lee made a remark, he said that he is the most experience in the United States between people are equal, in other words, students against teachers. Qian mentor is an internationally renowned academic authority, once got into fierce arguments with him Qian, tutors are very angry, but later Qian think is right, give money to school the next day to climb up the third floor Sen apologize. In the Founder, we promote this equality, which is indispensable for a harmonious atmosphere of the environment.

As for the contemporary young talent, they have a common characteristic: there are certain requirements for living conditions, but up to a certain extent, the pursuit of money are not unlimited, so-called "money is not everything." However, low income, no shelter for housing, it is difficult for young people to "sacrifice" and therefore "no money is totally unacceptable to." We must create conditions for them so that they rely on knowledge and innovation to become a millionaire, become this era's "knowledge hero."

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